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800  KVA ST


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Diesel generator Sales and Agency 

Used Diesel Generators for sales and export, we can arrange export and delivery worldwide.

We have been dealing with Diesel Generators since 1978. At the moment, are the Swedish Diesel generator sites undergoing an increasing of power. Therefore we can offer a wide range of motors and generator sets to an affordable price.

We have here listed replaced equipment that has been running for only some hundred hours. Many of them have been undergoing a complete overhaul and are tested at full rated load.
The equipment is for immediately delivery, in some cases it has to be demounted.

In many cases, we have been involved in the whole chain, from Development, Installation and Maintenance, and therefore "we know" the listed equipment very well.

We deliver the equipment in standard containers to all over the world.

We can also be helpful with onsite installation and start up.


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